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"Is your program listed below ?"

If you're reading this, that means you're also an opportunity seeker. And you probably are involved in more than one online-money program.
If this is the case, I would highly recommend you to read on for what I'm about to tell you will determine if the programs you're in can truly generate money for you.

Online Opportunities can be categorized into 2 types

1) You are required to refer in order to earn money
2) You are not required to refer to earn money

The problem:
Most people failed in Type 1 because 95% of their downline is not referring. And it is impossible for them to refer the entire matrix. Thus although it is possible to earn thousands of dollars every month, most people failed to achieve that kind of income.
Most people failed in Type 2 because 95% of the members in the program are not referring. And it is impossible for the program itself to keep on referring for the entire downline. Thus these kinds of programs often crash within a couple of months and are always perceived as scams for failing to deliver their promises.

The Solution:
It is thus very clear that in order to succeed online, the key is not to join a good program. It is always about getting those 95% of people to refer for you.
If you can get those 95% of people to refer for you:
Does it matter what kind of program you're in ?
Does it matter how much those programs cost to join ?
Does it matter if the programs are "scams" ?
Of course not !!!
Already with a unique system designed by Vemma Brand Partner, over 6000+ marketers have joined this club in only 1 month !
Their Forced Team Support / Forced Referring System has helped many inactive members build a HUGE downline. 
In fact, many of the members have send out request to have their own matrix built in Vemma Brand Partner to follow them into other programs they're in. 
If joining one online money program will give you $5000+ / month, think about joining 10 of them, or even, 100 of them !!
You're welcomed to take your matrix to join as many programs as you like with just a one-time effort of referring only 5 people
That's it !!! It's so simple !
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Now, I can imagine there might have been times in your life, maybe even now, when you wonder how you're going to pay your bills next month, or how you're going to stretch your money until payday. After all, even top entrepreneurs are worried about this treacherous economy.
Perhaps you're even facing a challenge right now that's got you concerned — worried even. You have trouble going to sleep only to wake up each morning with the same problems on your mind as the previous day.
Think about the reasons you'd like to go into business for yourself. Sure, we all want to be successful, but many folks want to be their own boss, to run things the way they see fit. To be financially free and have the extra money and time to do the things they always wanted to do.

We all want to eliminate money worries for good, bump ourselves into a higher bracket. No more going to bed at night with that all-too-familiar stress and anxiety, bile burning up from your esophagus as you reach for another antacid. Just peaceful easy sleep. Life is good!

The key to succeed online is not about what kind of matrix you're in. It's always about whether or not you can make your entire team of referrals to do their part of the job.  
The best part—we're not asking you to join us to 'sell Vemma'. We want Brand Partners. People who understand the power of networking and building a team of people wanting to make a difference in the lives of the people they care about. Sharing the product with people you encounter is like "planting seeds" that can grow into great relationships and a perfect business that can reward your family like never before.

To find out how to ride this equation to success:
 Low cost of auto-ship + easy to duplicate system = Weekly addition of members in your success line(Who duplicate your success, leading to more success for you ) and No Selling.
Vemma is very well be the fastest growing program on the internet today.

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The Secret is Keeping It Simple
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