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Vemma University

One of the most exciting programs Vemma offers is Vemma University - training and education series designed to shorten your learning curve when it comes to the skills needed to be successful.

With Vemma University, you will be able to download insightful conference calls and PowerPoint presentations from successful Vemma professionals chosen specifically for their vast experience on the subject.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Vemma Back Office Pro!

 Reporting tools - track your downline's training and prospecting activities through a convenient, at-a-glance visual reporting system.

 Advanced downline communication - with the click of a button, gain access to individual downline contact information to send follow ups, events, current news, inquiries, and more.

Enhanced genealogy view - shows you an expanded and detailed version of your genealogy for more effective management of your business.

Free Website

A FREE marketing website utilizing social media that helps you tell your story like never before. 
A proven system of training and tools, field leadership, and support. It's funny how most people go through life thinking experience is the best teacher. It's NOT! Other people's experience is the best teacher and you can learn from this upline support team starting from your very first day.
A stream of income from a product you never have to ship or exchange money for. It's the coolest thing ever! No merchant accounts, shipping, refund processing, customer service or anything of the kind is needed!

Free Training

Discover How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business, Social Media is clearly a very important tool for business.
...And most importantly, People who are ready to leverage the power of Social Media experts and build relationships with 99 other people that want to grow their businesses using Social Media.
Imagine being one of the 99 selected people working in one BIG mastermind group helping
each other succeed on the Internet!

  • Facebook has 500 Million Active Users!
  • Facebook Users Check Their Accounts 3-4 Times Daily!
  • Users Spend an Average of 19+ Minutes Per Visit
  • Twitter Grows at over a million New Users Per Month with over 190 Million users.
  • YouTube videos had 700 billion views in 2010. That's Bigger Than all of the TV Networks combined.
  • Linkedin has over 90 Million Business people networking.
  • There are now over 200 Million Blogs on the Internet.

25 Pack of SUCCESS From Home for $25! That's 75% Off!

What is SUCCESS from Home?

SUCCESS from Home is a national newsstand magazine distributed monthly at bookstores and retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hastings, Books-A-Million, B. Dalton and Staples. This magazine profiles the biggest movers and shakers in the network marketing industry, and the NEWEST issue will incorporate the entire Vemma and Verve product line, along with new stories about our top-producing Vemma Leaders. This eye-catching and powerful issue is completely dedicated to telling the Vemma story and even comes with the new Reinvent Your Life DVD and a Compensation Plan Training from Royal Ambassador Tom Alkazin. Articles by Anthony Robbins, Victoria Osteen, Les Brown and Scott Bedbury along with pertinent contributions from famous authors, television and sports personalities, meshed with stunning advertisements from world-renowned corporations make this by far the most impressive magazine ever printed about the Vemma business!

SUCCESS from Home is Vemma's most comprehensive business-building tool. It's a product-information source and prospecting piece all in one!

Why SUCCESS from Home?

* Network Marketing companies report record recruiting. Featured companies consistently report unsurpassed recruiting/sales after the magazine's debut.
* Equal opportunity is available at all levels. Both experienced and inexperienced representatives are given the same opportunity for success with proper follow-up. It makes prospecting easy.
* Presenting Vemma and Verve is easy. It's quick and straightforward, just attach a business card to the magazine, give it to a prospect and follow up within 48 hours.
* The message is consistent and time-efficient. Delivering a detailed product and opportunity presentation can be time-consuming, and remembering all the points can be difficult. Make the transition from being the message to simply being the messenger! SUCCESS from Home becomes the message.
* Relating with prospects is simple. Up-close-and personal representative profiles make it easy to connect with prospects and show them people in similar situations who have achieved personal and financial success.
* The magazines can ultimately cost you nothing. The more magazines you hand out, the more prospects you'll gain.

Get started today with a stream of income from a product you never have to ship or exchange money for. No merchant accounts or fees. No shipping or refund processing. And best of all there's NO RISK to become a Brand partner today.